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Vypyr VIP 2 amplifier clean patch by-pass step by step

  1. Turn the Vypyr VIP 2 on.
  2. Set the inst/stomp knob to BYPASS.
  3. Set the amplifiers knob to Classic.
  4. Press the amplifiers knob to select the clean (green) mode of the classic amplifier.
  5. Press the inst/stomp knob. You are now in the edit mode and the edit mode led (red) is on.
  6. Turn the delay feedback knob to zero.
  7. Turn the delay level knob to zero.
  8. Turn the reverb level to zero.
  9. Press the inst/stomp knob again. You are now out of the edit mode and the edit mode led is off.
  10. Turn the pre-gain knob to the middle.
  11. Turn the low knob to the middle.
  12. Turn the mid knob to the middle.
  13. Turn the high knob to the middle.
  14. Turn the post-gain knob to the middle.
  15. To always have this patch when the amplifier starts, save it to the bank A preset 1 (red). On the instrument type column of buttons, press and hold the first button (A electric 1) until the red led blinks once and comes back on.

Adapted from Vypyr Tips/Tricks/FAQ at the Peavey forums.

With this patch you can use thes Vypyr VIP-2 as a regular amplifier with other gear inputting directly to it.

Super Maria Sis.

In this pixel art rendition I replaced the the characters of Super Mario Bros. for female characters becoming Super Maria Sis. in the tittle.

Mario became Maria just because it’s a single letter change and it works well. Marissa would also have worked.

Luigi became Ligia. Other candidates were Lucia and Luiza. In Italian the feminine name for Luigi is Luigina. Luigi is one of the many Italian forms for the german name Ludwig, which in French becomes Louis. So Luise would have been another candidate. In Portuguese Luís, Luis, or Luiz and their feminine version Luisa, Luíza. I choose Ligia because of the “G” sound.

It’s possible to create a patch over the original NES game to make this art become a real game. There is a lot of examples on how to do that on this article from Female-Characters NES ROM hacks.


Slendor. 42 inch (106.68 cm) long, 9 inches (22.86 cm). 7 inches (17.78 cm) aluminum trucks. 9 layers cold-pressed maple deck. Wheels are made of Polyurethane (PU), have a 85A durometer hardness and ABEC-9 bearings, 70mm (2.75 inch)