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My first computer, CP 400 Color II

Me and my CP 400 Color
My firsts contacts with computers…

My first computer was an CP 400 Color II (CP is the shorten of Personal Computer in Portuguese). It was manufactured here in Brazil by a company called Prológica and launched in middle of 1984. It used a black & white tv and a casset reader of tapes with programs. We also had the CPU/keybord, monitor, joysticks and some cartridges and tapes.

Me and my CP 400 Color
Some years later

With this computer I did my firsts steps with command line tools and programming (BASIC).


CP400 Color Comercial
Original image from MCI.


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  1. dani dani

    Hey! The very first games I played were on my aunt’s CP400. I loved Popeye and Bagman. I’ve been into all sorts of games ever since!!

  2. andreia andreia

    Tu me fez voltar ao passado..foi meu primeiro contato com os pcs tambem! Eu e meu irmao colocavamos fitas cassetes para carregar joguinhos como o King Kong…ou compravámos livros com a programaçao e tínhamos que copiar linha por linha…isso, é claro…cada vez que queríamos jaogar!! jejej bons tempos! abraçao!

  3. Renan B Santos Renan B Santos

    Olá, esse tb foi meu primeiro computador. Depois, fui apresentado ao CP500 e logo após ao MSX Expert da Gradiente. Velhos e bons tempos. A propósito, como faço para adquirir um cp400 por um bom preço?

    Hello , This was also my first computer . THEN When I was introduced CP500 and APOS logo By MSX Experts Gradient . Old and Good Times . The Purpose , How do Pará Acquire hum CP400 For A Good Price ?

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