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CEJUG, JavaMe, Domain Driven Design and CruiseControl

This saturday we had our CEJUG traditional event CCT (Café com Tapioca) done monthly, each time in a diferent university. This time we had three speakers, Vando Batista, Rafael Pontes and Luthiano Vasconcelos talking about Java ME, Domain Driven Design and Cruise Control respectively.

Rafael Carneiro
Rafael Carneiro opening the event.


All photos I took (just a few due to weak batteries in my camera) are hosted in this album. This was out first event recorded and streamed by TV Software Livre. Thanks also guys from ArgoHost who made it possible.

OpenSolaris at InfoBrasil 2008

Me and people talking about OpenSolaris

InfoBrasil is a tradicional IT business event in my city. This year we got a space for Open Source and Free Software where I did a presentation about OpenSolaris. I posted our grid yesterday.

That was my first presentation about OpenSolaris so I focused to showing that OpenSolaris 2008.5 is a  GNU/OpenSolaris distribution but you can access features like ZFS, DTrace and Zones. I used those slides that Tirthankar Das, Solaris Cluster Engineering at Sun Microsystems, did for FISL 2008. Most of the audience was composed from students and they showed very impressed with ZFS. In my next OpenSolaris presentation I’ll try to focus more on ZFS demos. ;) Someone in the audience did a random number generator code live. We used it to prize some OpenSolaris gifts like tshirts and sticks. :D

OpenSolaris in action

I hope that for now on that we can use better this space and for establish a good dialog between communities, governments and enterprises.

All photos ares avaliable at my personal album for that event.

Crawford Beveridge in Brazil

This monday I and others ambassadors from all over Brazil went to São Paulo to have a quick meeting with Crawfor Beveridge, executive vice president and chairman, EMEA, APAC and the americas at Sun Microsystems.


As we cant see all ambassadors at FISL was a good oportunite to meet all brazilians ambassadors, olds and new ones. Lucas Torri bring to us some cool OpenSolaris shirts and gifts from JavaOne 2008 (where he was showing Project Marge).


Sun gadgets

I could also see some places in I don’t knew in the building, like the room for demostrating products. I saw very interesting backup devices from Storage Tek (now also part of Sun).

Maluf introduces us
Maluf introduces us to Crawford

Jomar Silva
Jomar Silva

Eduardo Lima
Eduardo Lima

We had an presentation with Jomar Silva, General Director of the Brazilian Chapter of the ODF Alliance, about ODF advances in Brazil. Eduardo Lima showed details of Sun Campus Ambassador Program in Brazil and also this cool videos about Open Source and OpenSolaris made by Vitório Sassi, Bruno Souza and Rafael Tinoco.

Crawford Beveridge

Crawford and me
Me and Crawford Beveridge.

NE pizza meeting
Almost all northeast ambassadors in a quick pizza dinner in the airport.

The complete album is available here.

International Free Software Forum 2008

Every year in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is placed the biggest free software event in the world. Is the International Forum on Free Software, FISL. This year the event counted with 21 countries, 257 presentations and more than 7 thousands hackers, students, developers and entrepreneurs together sharing knowledge and making friends.

FISL 2008 Theater

Just a few hours after NetBeans in Fortaleza. I was flying to a long trip to Porto Alegre (almost a entire day) to join in three events, the FISL 9.0 itself and also OpenSolaris Day Porto Alegre and Javali 2008.

Solaris Express and Coffee express
I like my coffee like my Solaris, Express. :P Installing a newer version during a free time in the airport.

At OpenSolaris Day I presented High Performance Computing and OpenSolaris showing an introduction about parallel computing concepts and a little bit about how to take advantage of OpenSolaris for HPC, using tools like ZFS and Dtrace for OpenMPI. Was a good presentation and I got good questions.


Me on OpenSolaris Day

Me on OpenSolaris Day

After the OpenSolaris Day/Javali 2008 we all had a pizza party. I was really sick during my presentation, I’m not familiar with temperatures beyond 25° and that day was 8°.

Pizza party

Some Sun Campus Ambassadors

The presentation I prepared for FISL was “NetBeans: Beyond Java” showing a little bit how you can use NetBeans to develop using Ruby, C, C++ and others languages. I’d like to show that NetBeans is more than a Java IDE. I showed more about the Ruby and Ruby and Rails integration.

Some photos:

NetBeans on FISL

NetBeans on FISL

NetBeans at FISL

My second presentation on FISL was about JavaFX. This presentation was not really planned and I have just a couple of days to organize it. Fortunately I contacted the JavaFX community from openjfx project and immediately I got a lot of help to build some material. A very sincerely and special thanks for James L. Weaver who helped me immediately a lot. Thanks too to the Planet JFX community and their material.

JavaFX on FISL

JavaFX on FISL

JavaFX on FISL

Was really a good demo. I was more relaxed than in my Netbeans presentation and also I got a excellent feedback.

More photos:

OpenSolaris User Group


Thirtankar Das talked about project Indiana.

Man and child using their laptops

Rafael Vanoni talking about OpenSolaris Kernel
Rafael Vanoni talking about OpenSolaris kernel scheduling.

Roger Brinkley
Roger Brinkley talking about PhoneME.

high 5

Fracois Orsini, Silveira Neto and Ted Goddard
Fracois Orsini, me and Ted Goddard.

Gregg Sporar
Gregg Sporar on Java memory leaks.

Raghavan “Rags” Srinivas on Java runtime.

Louis Suarez-Potts and Vitorio. Furusho
Louis Suarez-Potts and Vitorio Y. Furusho talking. See also this excellent interview with Louis.

Ray Gans
Ray Gans on OpenJDK.

Rich Sands on OpenJDK
Rich Sands also on OpenJDK.

Meet Sun SPOT
Gary Thompson showing a Sun SPOT vehicle.

Rafael David Tinoco
Rafael David Tinoco on UltraSparc and OpenSparc.

Campus Party on FISL
Sérgio Amadeu da Silveira, Roberto Andrade e Marcelo D’Elia Branco in a informal retrospective about Campus Party.

Lucas Bortolaso Torri and Bruno Cavaler Ghisi talking about Marge Framework.

Rich Sands, me and Eduardo Lima
Rich Sands, me and Eduardo Lima

Be at FISL was a dream for me for a long time and finally I could achieve this year, and more specially participating as speaker. In the other hand, I spent lot of time finishing and preparing my demos and could not completely enjoy the event itself, but was a really good event, I meet a lot of people I only knew by mails lists and also meet a lot of people from Sun’s staff.

Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre


Porto Alegre is also a very beautiful and well preserved city though I had almost no time to see it. And if during the daytime I almost don’t ate, during the night I went to very good restaurants and churrascarias. I went back to home some kilos fatter. :P

  • ps.: I took hundreds of photos. There a set of them in my Flickr.
  • ps. 2: I tried to put the name of all who appeared in my photos. If I did a mistake, let me know, please.
  • ps. 3: I had a problem with my file system and I lose those slides I presented in FISL. :( The only available is High Performance Computing and OpenSolaris.