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7 anos de CEJUG

niver cct 2009


O CEJUG está comemorando seu sétimo aniversário com um Café com Tapioca especial e imperdível com diversos palestrantes nacionais e muitos sorteios de brindes. A programação completa e as incrições podem ser feitas atráves do site! Não percam por nada.

My Free Tileset, version 10

My laptop broke and I lose the newest versions of some of my drawing. Fortunately I had backups for most of them. I found out that I had not published the 10th version yet. Here it is.

pixelart free tileset version 10

As usual is just little improvements over the last version. This time I added some geography elements. It’s now possible to create little levels and simple island.

My Free Tileset, version 3

Changelog since the last version:

  1. I noticed that I had released another free tileset before with a different aesthetic approach. For now I’m merging it with the “My Free Tileset”. With them is possible to do things like this:
  2. Example

  3. Added a door.

I’m trying to find a good style for outside building for this set. I tried some kinds of roofs but they are not good yet.