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Cards Against Humanity Saves America, Day 2: cards, stickers from TheGoodNewsPodcast.fm, and funding for them for 1 year.
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I helped buy 0.000667% of a parcel of land along the US-Mexico border which will be used to the full extent of the law to resist the construction of a wall. Thank you Cards Against Humanity for the opportunity.

#cardsagainsthumanity #cah #mexico #usa #fucktrump #cahsavesamerica.
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Because I have interest in “Apollo program”, Google Stories is constantly sending me conspiracy theories. I can unsubscribe from the Apollo program entirely or from this particular news outlet, both solutions that would cost me real content. There is no option however to filter out these conspiracy theories.

While this is an (almost) harmless example of how this algorithm is broken, other times it got more troublesome. During the last terrorist attacks I was receiving extremist propaganda in form of conspiracy theories. These lies have real effects on how we understand and react to our reality..
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I finally saw The Book of Mormon musical. I was trying to get tickets since they started years ago. It is really an amazing and funny musical. Lyrics and music by Trey Parker & Matt Stone (South Park) and Robert Lopez.

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