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Tag: pixel art

Super Maria Sis.

In this pixel art rendition I replaced the the characters of Super Mario Bros. for female characters becoming Super Maria Sis. in the tittle.

Mario became Maria just because it’s a single letter change and it works well. Marissa would also have worked.

Luigi became Ligia. Other candidates were Lucia and Luiza. In Italian the feminine name for Luigi is Luigina. Luigi is one of the many Italian forms for the german name Ludwig, which in French becomes Louis. So Luise would have been another candidate. In Portuguese Luís, Luis, or Luiz and their feminine version Luisa, Luíza. I choose Ligia because of the “G” sound.

It’s possible to create a patch over the original NES game when you Read Full Article, to make this art become a real game. There is a lot of examples on how to do that on this article from Female-Characters NES ROM hacks.

bug invaders

Sem dúvida os post-its nos tornam mais ágeis e são indispensáveis para metodologias que fazem uso de dashboards como Scrum. Mas o que fazer com as toneladas de post-its que são gerados e descartados? E o impacto ambiental? E o meio ambiente? E as araras-azuis?

Eis minha intervenção artística no escritório. Bug Invaders (sugestão de nome do Diego “Diegão” Andrade), nada mais justo já que umas das funcionalidades dos post-its é manter um rastro dos bugs e issues em aberto.

  • Lixo é ressignificado em arte (ao menos por um período antes de virar lixo outra vez).
  • Deixa o ambiente mais divertido.
  • Pixel art! Foram gastos 48 pixels.
  • Nostalgia.

My Free Tileset, version 9

More scenes and tiles for the free and open pixelart tileset. Also new monsters and characters but these will be showed in more details in another post.

Scientists discovery that they can’t keep a Gjelly (one of the new monsters) in cages.

lab incident

And also a little medieval scene. A naive princess got a Nhamnham monster as her pet.

cena princessa nhamnham

A new village scene, now with a pier, water, fence and new chars.

cena pier pixelart

There’s a plenty of new tiles. Now that we have a good basic tiles becomes easy to add more tiles.