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Tag: shell

if host pings execute command

if ping -c 1 $HOST > /dev/null
   echo your command
  • replace for your desired hostname or ip
  • ping sends only one package (-c 1) and ignores the text output
  • a ping is successful returns 0 and the if proceeds
  • replace the echo line with your command

Congelando e Ressuscitando Processos

batman mr freeze

Nem só de morte vive o kill.

Suponha que você tem um processo chamado program e quer congelar seu funcionamento. Para congela-lo sem mata-lo você pode mandar um sinal SIGSTOP com:

kill -s stop `pidof program`

Para ressuscitar o mesmo processo:

kill -s cont `pidof program`

Creating a lot of thumbnails with Shell script

This script create a thumbnail with width 100 of each png file in the actual directory.

for i in *.png
	echo "convert -thumbnail 100 $i $i"
	convert -thumbnail 100 $i $i