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JavaFX: Color picker

An simple color picker that can be also used as a gadget.

import javafx.ui.*;
import javafx.ui.canvas.*;

var colors = [red:Color, orange:Color, yellow:Color, green:Color,
     cyan:Color,blue:Color, magenta:Color, gray:Color];

var chosenColor: Paint;
chosenColor = black:Color;

var x = 120;
var y = 70;

    content: Group{
        transform: bind translate(x,y)
        content: [Star{
            points: sizeof colors
            rin: 30
            rout: 50
            fill: bind chosenColor
            onMouseDragged: operation(e) {
                x += e.localDragTranslation.x;
                y += e.localDragTranslation.y;
        foreach (i in [1..sizeof colors]) Circle {
            var: self
            transform: [rotate(i*360/sizeof colors,0,0), translate(50,0)]
            radius: 10
            fill: colors[i%sizeof colors]
            onMouseClicked: operation (e){
                chosenColor = self.fill;
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  1. Md. Abdur Rahman Md. Abdur Rahman

    any tutorial how to install an application in Nokia devices (S60)

  2. Não tenho nem ideia de onde colocar esse código! To precisando de um adaptar um color picker num formulário mas tá complicado.

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