My Free Tileset, version 10

My laptop broke and I lose the newest versions of some of my drawing. Fortunately I had backups for most of them. I found out that I had not published the 10th version yet. Here it is.

pixelart free tileset version 10

As usual is just little improvements over the last version. This time I added some geography elements. It’s now possible to create little levels and simple island.

20 thoughts on “My Free Tileset, version 10”

  1. nice work :) I may be able to help you with your paper doll characters.

    I have a prototype I want to make with a tileset so I’m sure I will be back.

    Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for the tileset. First, I was going to ask if I could use it, but then I saw: free :)

    Oh btw, are the characters of tileset9 free to use? xD

    1. Hi Anasky. You can use them freely under the terms of the license Creative Common Attribution Share Alike 3.0. Please, read and understand it. I also would be very happy if you send to me photos or videos about what you did if the use of those sprites.
      Enjoy them. Bye.

  3. I’ll try to add some sprites here every now and then. Or when I got a forum, you could keep checking on that :P

    It’s for a ORPG (online role playing game) where i need some good GFX artists for (preferably you, lol, since you actually have the exact style i want in my game lol).

    I’ll read the license when i got some time.

  4. Can’t edit, lol.
    Anyways, I’ve read the license and I agree with it :P (not much to agree with, since I’ll have to deal with it, but I can live with these terms).
    There were guys saying: you can use them, but when you send them to someone, you’ve got to pay me… In other words, when I send it to someone so he can play, I had to pay for them. Bye bye freeware.

  5. That’s true, and I’m thanking you for that :P
    I’m not sure why do you make them, but I’m gratefull for that.
    If you ever need an idea for the tileset, I’d like a cave xD (it can wait months and months, but I do need one xD)

  6. If I use your tileset to create an independent game that I then proceed to sell, is it sufficient for me to (a) include the cc license with the game but for the tiles only (b) provide a link to the original source of the tiles so others can also benefit.

    Thanks! This is high quality artwork and I feel you could be very successful if you created an original game for mobile or flash.

  7. Great work! One thing that might make it more useful would be some grid numbers along the outside, so it’s easier to calculate offsets. Thanks for sharing and using the CC license!

  8. I updated your tileset to version 10 on ( & changed the license to CC BY-SA. However, OGA does not have an option for version 2.0. So, I submitted it under CC BY-SA 3.0, & made a note in the description that the source was released under 2.5.

    Please let me know if this is okay or not. And let me know if I need to make any changes to the submission, or if you want it removed from OGA.

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