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Month: December 2016

After the realization that you can’t the Lepa AquaChanger240 radiator (240mm) inside of Cooler Master HAF 912, I had to improvise. Basically I had to put the two pull fans outside the case. If it was not a AIO liquid cooler system I would have put the radiator outside. Probably in the future I will change the case, but for now I really like it..

water cooling 💦💦 after this I will start playing with overclocking that cpu.

I wanted to have the original disks for this one. #gta5 #gtav.

Windows 10 installation error 0x80300024

Windos 10 Pro edition installation

“We couldn’t install Windows in the location you chose. Please check your media drive. Here’s more info about what happened: 0x80300024”

Just remove all drivers except the one you will install Windows 10.

I had 2 hard disk drivers and 1 SSD, where I wanted to have 2 partitions, one of them with Windows 10. The installation only worked after I removed the SATA cables from my other 2 drivers (the HHDs).

Later I put the drivers cables back.