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Author: Silveira

Hi, I'm a developer, lover of art and freedom (more). I write mostly about technology and pixel art.

“Morning Bell” by Iman Mersal

The eye opens like a curtain rising
In the dark, feet search for something real
Consciousness hasn’t happened yet
And the floorboards are skin temperature
A fresh repetition, today will be one more or one less
An impromptu concert strikes up in the kitchen
Maybe this black coffee is the morning bell-
the prize you win for returning safe from sleep

conditional past, present, future in spreadsheets/Excel

  • Given a column B that contains dates in a sequential order.
  • Shows a “Today” when it’s today.
  • Shows a “Past” when is past.
  • Shows an abbreviated name of the day of the week.

Here is an example using emojis instead of past/today: