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OpenSolaris SVG Poster

Sometimes we just need an good template for organizing a OpenSolaris event, I didn’t found a good one in a reusable format so I did this empty OpenSolaris SVG Poster.

OpenSolaris SVG Poster
Download the svg file: opensolaris_poster.svg

But why an SVG poster? SVG means Scalable Vector Graphics, an XML specification and file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics. If you use a typical bitmap format like png, gif or jpg and need to scale the image you will loss image quality.

Example of loss of image quality in a bitmap format

Using a vector graphics format you can scaled the image indefinitely without loss of image quality.

Example of loseless quality in svg image

Additionally is a free and open format and also very reusable. You can edit and use it in a broad set of tools, from a scalable image editor like Inkscape to, believe it or not, Netbeans!

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  1. great! you have it there even in czech :) thx

  2. Nice poster.
    How much SVG is Open Solaris using?
    KDE uses it all over the place …
    If you have a link about that i’d very interested for the SVG link resource

  3. @stelt, OpenSolaris uses Gnome or KDE, so OpenSolaris uses as much this windows managers does.

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