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My Free Tileset, version 10

My laptop broke and I lose the newest versions of some of my drawing. Fortunately I had backups for most of them. I found out that I had not published the 10th version yet. Here it is.

pixelart free tileset version 10

As usual is just little improvements over the last version. This time I added some geography elements. It’s now possible to create little levels and simple island.

My Free Tileset, version 9

More scenes and tiles for the free and open pixelart tileset. Also new monsters and characters but these will be showed in more details in another post.

Scientists discovery that they can’t keep a Gjelly (one of the new monsters) in cages.

lab incident

And also a little medieval scene. A naive princess got a Nhamnham monster as her pet.

cena princessa nhamnham

A new village scene, now with a pier, water, fence and new chars.

cena pier pixelart

There’s a plenty of new tiles. Now that we have a good basic tiles becomes easy to add more tiles.


My Free Tileset, version 8

One more version of the my free tileset for game development. This little world is beautifully growing, now towards medieval themes. Now is already possible to imagine a typical day in a little rpg village:

tiny rpg village

And here the tileset, eighth version:

free tileset version 8


  • Medieval straw roof house and variations with and without signs, window, chimney and flowers.
  • Signs for weapons, potions and armor store and for hotel.
  • More vegetations.
  • A dirt road.

My Free Tileset, version 7

Another version of the my free tileset project with a lot of improvements.

free tileset version 7

Examples of usage:

A hotel I did for helping me in a prototype.

Pixelart hotel

Outdoor scenario. A city.

pixelart city

Another outdoor scenario. A warrior (unpublished character here) walking in a forest.



  • Reorganization of tile positions. Now they are all in a 32×32 grid.
  • Shelf of drinks, two tables and chairs.
  • I placed some characters in this tileset just to help during the creation of prototypes. They should not be really used in maps.
  • Now is possible to create also outdoors scenarios:
    • Two buildings, streets, pedestrian crossing, sidewalks and a manhole cover.
    • A tree, cut tree and a bush.

My Free Tileset, version 6

More free tiles for game developers. Now in a fantasy, medieval style.

tileset palace snes rpg style

Some detailed view. The royal throne (king was not in the room), carpet and banners.

tileset palace detail view 1

I had to place guards across the room. You know, being a king is dangerous.

tileset palace detail view 2

There’s this new kind of wall, with bricks. There’s a passage for the king bedroom.

tileset palace detail view 3

Here’s the new version of the tile set.

free tileset version 6

My Free Tileset, version 3

Changelog since the last version:

  1. I noticed that I had released another free tileset before with a different aesthetic approach. For now I’m merging it with the “My Free Tileset”. With them is possible to do things like this:
  2. Example

  3. Added a door.

I’m trying to find a good style for outside building for this set. I tried some kinds of roofs but they are not good yet.

My Free Tileset, version 1

Although everything I do is under the license Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike, I’m starting to group my pixelarts works  and release them in single files under the GPL.

Here the first and small release:

In summary: you can use them freely for open source or proprietary, games or prototypes, professionals or beginners developers, for study or for lucrative purposes, whatever you want. You don’t need even ask me for that, just use it (but I appreciate a reference). You can even modify them as long you also maintain the same freedom for the derivative work. For complete details, read the GPL or ask your questions in the commentaries.

If you are looking for a free, big and great tileset, look the wonderfull work of The Mana Word project (both code and art under GPL).

Soon I’ll group others pixel art drawings of others games I made in a single tileset file.

If you have a similar work in a compatible license we can make release of them togheter and create a big free tileset.

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