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Inkscape masks

In Inkscape if you have two filled circles. A big solid red one and a smaller, blurred and pinky one, like this:
You can use the mask to trap one inside another to create a light effect.

Metaphorically, I drew a mask using the mask effect:

You can download it here: mask_inkscape_by_silveiraneto.svg
As always, you can use or modify it under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

SunSPOT Posters

Some fellows asked for some Sun SPOT posters.

Here it is one that you can use to let people know about Project Sun SPOT.

sunspot poster 500px

Download the PNG with 200 dpi resolution or the SVG vetorial drawing. You can use a tool like Inkscape to open and edit the SVG file. You can change colors, images, texts and anything else.

If you need a poster to a presentation about Sun SPOT you can just print or edit this one:

sunspot poster2 500px

Again, download a 200 pdi PNG file or the SVG vetorial drawing.

Good times with Sun SPOT. ;)

Café com Tapioca Especial de Natal

Download: duke_natal.svg

Sábado tem Café com Tapioca do CEJUG, especial de Natal, manhã e tarde de eventos. Pela manhã um mini-curso de JavaME e Android com o Vando Batista do C.E.S.A.R. Pela tarde duas palestras, sobre o JBoss e JBoss Seam com o João Paulo Viragine da Red Hat. Maiores informações e inscrições para o mini-curso, no site oficial do evento.

Até lá!